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Clearfield High Class of 67 Scholarship
Davis Foundation
Clearfield High Falcette Drill Donations
Clearfield High School
Clearfield High School General Donation
Clearfield High School
Clearfield High Teen Center
Davis Foundation
Clinton Elementary General Donation
Clinton Elementary
Coach Clay Holbrook Scholarship
Davis Foundation
Columbia Elementary General Donation
Columbia Elementary
Cook Elementary General Donation
Cook Elementary
Corine L Sayler "Oh, Yes You Can" Scholarship
Davis Foundation
Creekside Elementary General Donation
Creekside Elementary
Creekside Musical Production Donation
Creekside Elementary
Crestview Elementary General Donation
Crestview Elementary
DEEP Donation
Windridge Elementary
DPPA Assessment Fee
Professional Learning Dept
DPPA Resubmissions & Appeals
Professional Learning Dept
DSD Memorial Book Fund
Davis Foundation
Dance Company Fundraiser
Viewmont High School
Dance Company Fundraiser 2023-2024
Farmington Jr High
Dance Line Motivational Donations
Syracuse High School
Danny Taylor Memorial Schlp Private Donations
Davis Foundation
Dart Football Fundraiser
Davis High School
Davis Community Learning Center-Community Closet
Federal Programs
Davis Connect 7-12 General Donation
Davis Connect
Davis Connect K-6 General Donation
Davis Connect K-6
Davis Connect Lynx Esports Club
Davis Connect
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