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2022 Bountiful RedHawks Baseball

Bountiful High School
$21,590.43  of  $30,000.00 goal

Welcome to the Nest! The 2022 Bountiful High School RedHawks Baseball Team is seeking financial donations from the general public to further help and increase the opportunities in life and in baseball for our student-athletes. In the famous movie, "Field of Dreams," it was mentioned, "if you build it, he [they] will come." We are trying to continue to build on the great legacy and tradition of Bountiful High School RedHawks Baseball (formerly known as the "Braves") by offering this way to help support our "Bountiful Boys!" One hundred percent of the funds raised from this event will go directly towards each student-athlete's quest in becoming an excellent members of society, gaining knowledge through increased academic success in the classroom, and becoming a better baseball player through skill development and improved competition. Because of the Covid-19 Pandemic our school is faced with limited athletic funds and the inability to grant a financial budget to most sports teams. We are desperate in needing to help our student-athletes raise the funds necessary to continue to play on the field and excel in the classroom. All funds generated will go directly to help each our student-athletes reach the their team fund-raising commitment goals. One hundred percent of each dollar generated will go directly back to them. Their goals include the following: 1) earning donations to help pay for their Southern California Spring Break Baseball Trip, 2) earning donations to help pay for their uniform packet, and 3) earning donations above and beyond what is expected to help our team be further successful. We are taking our whole team to Southern California over spring break (April 1-8) for a week of baseball fun that includes playing 10 games and watching 3 live MLB games. First, We are seeking donations of any amount. Second, for certain donations we are offering "give-backs" like 1) banner advertising, 2) digital advertising, and 3) PA announcement advertising. Because all existing banners need to be re-created to meet our new mascot standards, Tier 1 - Banner donations require a one time fee to create a new banner using our new logo of $55 and a $250 donation that goes directly to paying the fees of a student-athlete for a total of $305. Tier 2 equals a Banner Donation (55+250) plus an additional $200 donation to be included in our interactive media guide, see media guide here - all for a $505 donation. Tier 3 equals a Banner Donation (55+250) plus an additional $200 donation to be included in our interactive media guide, see media guide here - plus for an additional $150 to be included in PA announcements, PA announcements at all varsity games, and social media shout-outs for a total of $655. The last tier is what we call a "Title Sponsor". This donation covers everything in Tiers 1-3 plus gives the donor the best of everything to include but not limited too: banner, digital ad in media guide, PA announcements, social media shout-outs, on-line radio ads on BHS Network, and any other in-game sponsorship we can think of (a table with handouts, giveaways, etc.) Thank you for helping support a new era of Bountiful RedHawks Baseball. #RiseAbove

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