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Mountain High School Hiking Class

Mountain High School

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Mountain High has a hiking class that meets each Friday and hikes trails all over Davis, Ogden, and Weber counties. Hiking is not only good for students physically, but mentally and emotionally. Students at Mountain are "at risk," and less likely to graduate from high school than a student that isn't "at risk." Student hikers learn good coping skills for dealing with stress, create good relationships with other students, and their hiking teachers. They become involved in a group and work toward a common goal - accomplishing a hike. Students "do hard things" while hiking which shows them they can "do hard things" in other areas of their lives, including school. Donating to the MHS Hiking class will allow student hikers to have a better experience hiking because they have the right "equipment." Money can be used for shoes, socks, gloves, beanies, daypacks, trail snacks, etc.

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