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Davis Foundation
The Davis Education Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that provides financial support and resources to classrooms, students, and programs within Davis School District. The resources and funds enhance innovative education programs for the 86 schools and 71,000 students which would not be typically provided by the district because of limited funds or constraints. The Foundation was established in 1982...
Running Club
Kay's Creek Elementary
Stewart Elementary Furniture Fundraiser
Stewart Elementary
Foxboro Playworks
Foxboro Elementary
Playworks TeamUP Fundraiser
Heritage Elementary
Farmington High Bands Fundraiser
Farmington High School
3 Days Left
Tech Treck Fun Run
Holbrook Elementary
3 Days Left
Super Fun Run
Tolman Elementary
NHS Theatre 2019-20 WSS Fees/Apparel
Northridge High School
Shakespearean King's Feast -- October 14th 2019
Northridge High School
LHS Halloween Run For Charity
Layton High School
FHS Girls Soccer
Farmington High School
Buffalo Point Elementary
Football Game Tickets
Woods Cross High School
Volleyball Donations
Kaysville Jr High
Syracuse High School
BizTown donations
Centerville Elementary
Davis High Cheerleader Fundraiser
Davis High School
Musical Theatre Ads and Passes
Northridge High School
Woods Cross Softball Team Fundraiser
Woods Cross High School
Davis High Band Student Scholarship
Davis High School
General Band Donation
Davis High School
1st Grade Donations 2019-2020
Endeavour Elementary
2nd Grade Donations 2019-2020
Endeavour Elementary
3rd Grade Donations 2019-2020
Endeavour Elementary
4th Grade Donations 2019-2020
Endeavour Elementary
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