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Serving Others Scholarship
Davis Foundation
Seth Fraughton Memorial Scholarship
Davis Foundation
Shoreline JH Cheer
Shoreline Jr High
Shoreline Jr High General Donation
Shoreline Jr High
Skedros Scholarship Private Donations
Davis Foundation
Snow Horse Elementary General Donation
Snow Horse Elementary
So Clearfield Elementary General Donation
So Clearfield Elementary
Softball Donations
Clearfield High School
Softball Fundraiser
Layton High School
South Davis County National Day of Service
Davis Foundation
South Davis Jr High General Donation
South Davis Jr High
South Davis Thanksgiving Invitational Swim Meet
Viewmont High School
South Weber Elementary General Donation
South Weber Elementary
Spartan Den Fundraiser
South Davis Jr High
Sponsor a Student
Sunset Jr High
Stewart Elementary General Donation
Stewart Elementary
Student Council Shirts
Windridge Elementary
Sunburst Elementary General Donation
Sunburst Elementary
Sunburst Elementary VEX Robotics
Sunburst Elementary
Sunset Elementary General Donation
Sunset Elementary
Sunset Jr High General Donation
Sunset Jr High
Sunshine Dues
Columbia Elementary
Sunshine Fees
East Layton Elementary
Sunshine Fees
Cook Elementary
SunshineCommittee Contribution
Buffalo Point Elementary
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