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Northridge High School Teen Center
Davis Foundation
Northridge High Track
Northridge High School
Northridge Senior All Knight Party Donation
Northridge High School
Syracuse Jr High
Oak Hills Elementary General Donation
Oak Hills Elementary
Odyssey Elementary General Donation
Odyssey Elementary
One More Door in '24
Davis Foundation
Operation Hero Military Scholarship in memory of 1SG Tracy "Dude" Stapley
Davis Foundation
Orchard Elementary General Donation
Orchard Elementary
Orchestra Donation
Fairfield Jr High
Orchestra Donations
Woods Cross High School
Ortho Cup Foundation Scholarship
Davis Foundation
PTA Anti-fundraiser
South Davis Jr High
Kay's Creek Elementary
PTA Running Club
Windridge Elementary
Parker Hedin Memorial Scholarship
Davis Foundation
Parkside Elementary General Donation
Parkside Elementary
Paulette Hopfenbeck Scholarship
Davis Foundation
Payment to assist outstanding school lunch balances
Valley View Elementary
Peregrine Smith Foundation Scholarship
Davis Foundation
Playground Equipment Donation
Lakeside Elementary
Pursue STEM Scholarship
Davis Foundation
R&R Summer Conference
Professional Learning Dept
ROBERTS: Jewelry--additional materials and supplies
Bountiful High School
Reading Elementary General Donation
Reading Elementary
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