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Holbrook Elementary General Donation
Holbrook Elementary
Holiday Assistance for our Students
Davis Foundation
Holiday Giving
Farmington Elementary
Holt Elementary General Donation
Holt Elementary
Jedediah Morgan Grant Scholarship
Davis Foundation
Joe Yanowsky Scholarship Private Donations
Davis Foundation
John C Parks Scholarship
Davis Foundation
Judd Kemp/Gary Poll Memorial Class of 68 Scholarship
Davis Foundation
Kay's Creek Elementary General Donation
Kay's Creek Elementary
Kaysville Elementary General Donation
Kaysville Elementary
Kaysville Jr High General Donation
Kaysville Jr High
Kim & Susan Burningham Scholarship
Davis Foundation
Kinder Donations
Cook Elementary
Kindergarten Field Trip
Syracuse Elementary
Kindergarten Snack Donation
Syracuse Elementary
King Elementary General Donation
King Elementary
Knowlton Elementary General Donation
Knowlton Elementary
Kyra Sunshine Scarlet Memorial Scholarship
Davis Foundation
LHS Golf Fundraiser
Layton High School
LHS Key Club Fundraiser
Layton High School
Lady Titans Volleyball Fundraiser
Syracuse High School
Lakeside Elementary General Donation
Lakeside Elementary
Lakeview Hospital Scholarship
Davis Foundation
Latinos In Action Donation
Clearfield High School
Latinos In Action Scholarship
Davis Foundation
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