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Wrestling Donations/Fundraiser 20/21

Syracuse High School
$2,431.00  of  $10,000.00 goal

THE SYRACUSE HIGH SCHOOL WRESTLING TEAM conducts an intense and rewarding off-season conditioning and weight training program. Our wrestlers spend long and hard hours in strength, speed and agility development in preparation for their season. We believe that their dedication and hard work will lead to a successful wrestling program. The expenses for wrestling participation are considerable. Your pledge or donation to the program will help offset the expenses for tournaments, weight room, and other wrestling equipment. Help fulfill the goals and dreams of these young men and women as we prepare for an exciting wrestling season. GO TITANS! I would very much appreciate you sponsoring me in our wrestling program here at SHS. I will be participating in tournaments all of over the state of Utah prepping for the UHSAA 6A tournament in February. We also will do testing that consists of a squat, clean, bench, pro-agility, 40-yard dash, plus many other strength and conditioning tests and requirements, all to the maximum of my ability. All paid sponsors will be sent a thank you note. Remember, your contribution may be tax deductible as provided by law. SPONSOR¿S REPLY Yes, I will pledge or donate to defer your cost for:

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