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The Davis Education Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that provides financial support and resources to classrooms, students, and programs within Davis School District. The resources and funds enhance innovative education programs for the 86 schools and 71,000 students which would not be typically provided by the district because of limited funds or constraints. The Foundation was established in 1982 and is led by a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of key business and community leaders, parents, district administration and a full time Executive Director. Mission: Investing in our students and educators to ensure a brighter future for our children and community by inspiring each child to succeed. Goals: The Davis Education Foundation develops collaborative financial partnerships that directly improve and enhance student success. To expand the walls of our classrooms by providing experiences, equipment, and resources that will expose all students to a broadened range of educational opportunities in literacy, math and science, the arts, and technology. To recognize and reward students, faculty, and staff for educational excellence. To improve the quality of life for students by providing essential needs that will improve their academic success. To establish effective partnerships that will increase fundraising and awareness for the Davis Education Foundation by engaging businesses, agencies, parents, and our community. To efficiently manage and responsibly allocate funds by receiving and allocating resources in a manner consistent with our charter as a non-profit corporation.

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