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2021 Bountiful Baseball Donations

Bountiful High School
$7,430.00  of  $25,000.00 goal

The 2021 Bountiful High School Braves Baseball Team is seeking financial donations from the general public to further help and increase the opportunities in life and in baseball for our student-athletes. In the famous movie, "Field of Dreams," it was mentioned, "if you build it, he [they] will come." We are trying to continue to build on the great legacy and tradition of Bountiful High School Braves Baseball by offering this way to help support our "Bountiful Boys!" One hundred percent of the funds raised from this event will go directly towards each student-athlete's quest in becoming an excellent members of society, gaining knowledge through increased academic success in the classroom, and becoming a better baseball player through skill development and improved competition. Because of the Covid-19 Pandemic our school is faced with limited athletic funds and the inability to grant a financial budget to most sports teams. We are desperate in needing to help our student-athletes raise the funds necessary to continue to play on the field and excel in the classroom. All funds raised will be directed towards paying the costs of "player uniform & gear packets", and for any further team equipment and coaching needs. We are offering to individuals and businesses the opportunity to help through a $500 donation. With that donation they will receive a 3' x 5' banner on our fence area, social media shoutouts and "thank you's", a link and logo on our team website and digital team game program, and 15 five star google reviews for their generous donation. We may already have a banner for the donor, or they can supply their own, or they can choose the additional $75 option and we can get one made. Finally, we are also offering an "any amount donation" option where a donor can donate any amount they are able and direct it to a specific student-athlete's fees or to team needs. Every donation through this web event generates an official tax deductible email/letter that a donor can use at their discretion. Thank you for your generous support! Go Braves!

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