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Spartan Den Fundraiser

South Davis Jr High

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$0.00  of  $25,000.00 goal

Asking for donations for the Spartan Den, to help with the remodel of South Davis¿ fitness room, a.k.a. the Spartan Den! Over the past year and a half, we have been able to replace all the old weight machines with free weights and squat racks and added 4 rowing machines. However, it is past-due to replace the cardio machines (treadmills, bikes, and ellipticals), which are over 10 years old (outside of warranty), some of them are not functioning, and others are in desperate need of repair. The goal is to raise $25,000, enough money to purchase 3 electrical treadmills, 1 manual treadmill, 4 spin cycles, and 1 incline stepper. This equipment will be well-used, as nearly 1,000 students at South Davis take physical education each year, and these same students take PE 3 years in a row. The purpose of the remodel includes increasing the safety of the fitness room, the number of students that can workout at the same time, and effectiveness of workouts done in class, decreasing maintenance costs, better preparing students for high school and beyond, and having students performing higher levels of cognitive development as well as practicing accountability and life skills. The vision of the physical education department is to teach students how to safely and effectively workout, learning many different exercises, which can be used lifelong to improve and maintain health. We are well on our way to having the best fitness room in the district for a junior high. Please help us complete this mission! Any size donation is greatly appreciated!

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