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Cordelia the Snake

Bountiful High School

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Cordelia is a ball python who turns nine years old this year. Once she settled in to her new home here at Bountiful High, she had a ravenous appetite and received an excellent bill of health from the vet at her check-up. Every once in a while, Cordelia comes out and explores the classroom or gives snuggly cuddles. She and her snake-mom, Ms. Brown, love teaching people about what snakes are like in real life and giving anyone who wants it an opportunity to touch her, hold her, and love her. In early January, Cordelia stopped eating, which isn't unusual for a snake in the winter. Ms. Brown kept a careful record of her care in case she went an extended period of time without eating, which can be a sign of illness. When more concerning signs of sickness appeared in mid-February, Cordelia made a visit to the ER vet. After two hours of tests, two things became clear: First, Cordelia may be the sweetest snake that veterinarian had ever met; and second, Cordelia had some type of infection. Ms. Brown came back to school that day with the knowledge of how to give Cordelia her snake shots, and the worry of how she was going to pay for the ER visit and upcoming testing and check-ins. Because the vet is still working to figure out what type of infection Cordelia has and how best to treat it, more bills are on the horizon. The educators and students at Bountiful High School are asking the community for help. The unexpected emergency vet bills have set back the science department budget significantly. We are asking for donations that will go straight into Cordelia's vet budget to help us keep a happy and healthy snake that students can learn from and enjoy for many years to come.

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