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Farmington Jr High

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Family and Friends, thank you for your continued support of the Orchestra program at Farmington Junior High! This community does so much to support their junior high school students in all subject areas, especially in music. Please know, that our music programs would not be as strong as they are without all you do for us. Every performing arts program at Farmington Junior High has to be self-sustaining, meaning if we need items to keep the program going and growing, we have to raise the money for those items ourselves. That is not always easy to do, and, in most cases, it requires fundraisers, finding sponsors, and/or asking for donations. In my experience as the FJH Orchestra director, I have noticed that the parents and friends of the Orchestra like it best when they can simply give a donation rather than fuss with a fundraiser. In an effort to make donating as simple as possible, I have worked with the FJH secretaries to set up this "No Fuss Fundraiser" donation page. Please know that your donations will go towards purchasing new music, purchasing new instruments, helping with instrument upkeep and repair, providing payment for professional clinicians to come work with students, and so on. Every penny of donations is carefully accounted for and goes towards the benefit and growth of all Orchestra students. Your monetary contributions and your selfless service sustains the Orchestra and is part of what keeps our program strong and wonderful. Thank you, again, for all you do! Donation Tiers: $25 - Thanks for not asking me to purchase tickets to my teenager's Orchestra concert! $50 - Thanks for not requiring me to set up a personal fundraising page or go out looking for a sponsor! $75 - Thanks for not making me or my teenager walk, run, bike, or participate in any type of physical activity to earn money, we like free exercise best! $100 - Thanks for not asking me to attend a fancy event, here's the money I would have spent on my families food or new outfits for the event! $200 - Thanks for making this easy, so I can contribute while watching Netflix! Donations larger than $200 can be made through the Davis Education Foundation (801) 402-4483. Please specify the money to go specifically to the Farmington High School Orchestra Program when making the contribution.

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