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Spreading Joy & Hope

Sunset Jr High
Sunset Sundevils
$2,745.00  of  $10,000.00 goal

Every year, Sunset Junior High students raise money to provide support for children in our community facing financial need, with a major focus of raised funds being used to provide Christmas presents for children identified by Davis Behavior Health. Our yearly fundraiser, Spreading Joy and Hope, has raised more than $40,000 over the last five years, supporting more than 200 children during the holiday season and hundreds more during smaller events held through the year. Typical Christmas presents include clothing needs, school supplies, as well as simple toys. All funds raised are used to benefit the needy children in our local community. This year we would love to expand our efforts and partner with our local businesses. We, at Sunset Junior High School, truly believe that our students have a responsibility to positively impact our community, and we hope you can help us fulfill that responsibility. Local business leaders are truly the backbone of our community, and we want to continue that legacy by giving back to those in need. To thank you for your generosity, we will recognize your business at school, in school-home communications about the fundraiser, and during fundraising events. We will also recognize you during our fundraising assembly held during the Spreading Joy and Hope week in December. Of course, all donations are tax deductible. Any monetary donations would be greatly appreciated and will do an extraordinary service. This year our school theme is ¿Stronger Together.¿ We believe that we can work together to leave a lasting impression on the children in our community. We want them to know that there are people that believe in their ability to rise above the challenges their family might be facing. We hope you can help us in our endeavor to fulfill a large need for this service within our community and support us as much as possible.

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