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Bringing a History Class Into the Modern Era

Legacy Jr High

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$120.00  of  $4,200.00 goal

Help me go paperless!!!! As technology changes, it becomes increasingly beneficial to have good technology in the classroom. Technology makes good teaching great and enhances engagement among students. Students excel with access to information. Learning is more fun, research becomes exciting, and projects are more enjoyable. I would like to purchase 20 Dell Cloudbooks for my classroom. At a cost of $210 dollars each, this makes my goal $4,200. Any amount donated will be graciously received and any surplus will be used to buy more laptops to work towards a classroom set. All proceeds will go directly to this singular goal and it's tax deductible so save your receipt. Share the link with as many as you can to help spread the word so I can be a paperless classroom!! Thanks for your contribution and consideration.

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