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2024 Track and Field Fundraiser

Clearfield High School

Dear Clearfield Track and Field Supporter, as a new coaching staff, we are working with our athletes and community to build up Clearfield High Schools Track and Field program. We feel our student athletes deserve to have quality athletic experience. We want to provide these athletes with opportunities like their peers throughout the state. Our combined athletic experience and coaching expertise can help our athletes train to be competitive and represent the school and Clearfield community well. To accomplish this, we need to bring our program up to current training practices and safety standards. To help make this possible we need the following equipment and are seeking assistance to meet these needs: Pole Vault Poles, PV standards, PV Landing Pad, PV Cross Bars, PV Training Equipment; Males and Female throwing implements, Storage/Travel bags for implements. New flight of hurdles 8 lanes 10 hurdles per lane. Along with any unforeseen items. We are working on updating these items with current funds but need assistance with more expensive items. Thank you in advance for your support. Your contribution is much appreciated. Go Clearfield Falcons!

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