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FHS Nixelle General Donations 2020-2021

Farmington High School

We¿d like to THANK YOU for your support of the Farmington High School Nixelles Drill Team for the upcoming year! We are proud to be your reigning 5A STATE CHAMPIONS as we¿ve worked so hard to build a program from the ground up since the opening of Farmington High School just 2 years ago. As a team we are responsible to raise the majority of our monetary needs for each year, and as you can imagine, this is a monumental task! Your support is vital to meeting these financial needs. ALL donations go toward helping us pay for choreography, costumes, competition fees, props, equipment, additional training and team opportunities that further our personal and team growth. As a brand new school, we are still trying to build a program from the ground up, and though we¿ve come far, we still need your help! Your support means the world to us, and we couldn¿t be prouder to represent our community! GO PHOENIX! #WatchUsRise

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