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Foxboro Playworks

Foxboro Elementary

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$4,770.00  of  $7,000.00 goal

Foxboro Elementary is a public K-6 school located in North Salt Lake, Utah. We serve a diverse community and enjoy wonderful parent and business support. One area of challenge is our students ability to play and interact successfully at recess. We struggle with helping students know how to take turns, play according to shared rules, and solve minor conflicts themselves. We feel that these skills are essential to success not only at school, but later in the community and work place. We are working to get the Playworks program at our school for a mid-year implementation beginning in January of 2019. Please visit their website for more information: This site also has information about the effectiveness of their programs and the difference they have made in the lives of thousands of students around the country. We¿d like to implement the Teamup program which would give us a recess coach one week a month. Not only would our students learn new games to play at recess, but our coach would train some students to be Jr. Coaches. They would also teach all students conflict management techniques, thus giving a life skill to be used in multiple settings. We are asking for a donation to help us provide this program. We will gladly accept any amount. For a donation of $1000 or more, we would get an approx. 2 foot by 4 foot banner with your logo and indicating your support of our Playworks program and hang it on our south fence near the playground and drop-off/parking lot from January to June 2019. Donations can be made at the Davis District Foundation site and donors will receive a receipt that may be used for tax purposes. The site is We're grateful for your support of safe play for children!

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