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Bountiful Medical Athletic Training Room Fundraiser

Bountiful High School

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$0.00  of  $10,000.00 goal

LET'S TAKE OUR BOUNTIFUL HIGH SCHOOL MEDICAL ATHLETIC TRAINING ROOM TO THE NEXT LEVEL! Our athletes train hard and play hard, but injuries happen. Let's give them the best facility possible to get them healed and playing again. Injury prevention and rehabilitation are key to keeping our athletes on the field of play. We are lucky enough to have an athletic trainer on staff now. We just need a few essential items to help him do his job. As student athletes, we want to actively participate in taking our training room to the next level and are drivers behind this fundraiser. All Team Sports and Athletes will benefit from a great Medical Training Room! We would appreciate any support you can give to help us reach our goal. Money donated will go toward the purchase of the following: Items we NEED: Ultrasound/Electrical Stimulation Combo $1000 Hydrocullator plus 4 heat packs $325.99 Portable TENS Unit $71.99 Items we would LIKE: Game Ready Ice Machine $2750.00 Ankle Game Ready Sleeve $410.00 Items we DREAM of having: Dual Connector Hose for Game Ready $440.00 Knee Game Ready Sleeve $480.00 Shoulder Game Ready Sleeve $480.00 Normatic $995.00 Rehab Therabands and Rehab Iteam $500.00

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