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East Layton Elementary & PTO Combined Un-Fundraiser

East Layton Elementary
Last Day!

Any Donation Amount



$2,600.00  of  $10,000.00 goal

Have you had it with the year 2020 and can't take any more stress? Well, do we have a deal for you? This year East Layton Elementary Administration and East Layton PTO have decided we don't want you to have any more stress either. So instead of having to sell, bake, buy, or participate in anything that has the word fun attached to it we have opted to combine efforts and do an UN-FUNDRAISER. You may be asking yourself "why should I donate this year? Everything is canceled anyway?" That is an excellent question and here is why. Mrs. Brown is continually working on making sure that the students have up to date equipment and protective cases for that equipment. She is also working diligently to provide the teachers with up to date equipment to help teach our children. This year the PTO has still been able to provide the students with Red Ribbon Week activities and prizes, Birthday Table Celebration, Spirit Day Prizes, provided around $3,500 in grants to teachers through Scholastic, donated around $250 for safety funds to help establish a safer sick room for the kids, and hopefully, more to come. We realize this year has been anything but normal, however, as we move forward to try to continue providing meaningful and memorable educational experiences for our kids we can't do this all on our own. Now, more than ever, every little bit helps and your donations will help us to be able to keep providing for our children both now and in the future.

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