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Teen Center Assistance

Davis Foundation

Purchase Options

  • Use my donation where it is needed the most.
    Please use my donation as needed within the Teen Center or for the expansion of additional centers.

  • $10.00
    I would like to purchase hygiene packs.
    Small kits for when students are not in the center ( toothpaste, shampoo, and essentials)
  • $25.00
    Use my funds to purchase supplies for the center.
    Stock the shelves and keep the needed products in the hands of the kids (soap, detergent, shampoo)


"Every Kid is one caring Adult away from being a success story." Josh Shipp We invite you to "Be the One." The Davis County community has a quiet, but pervasive problem effecting our youth population: homelessness. Most of us think of Davis County as a poverty free zone, but there are 17,000 children who do not know where their next meal is coming from. There are more than 1,200 homeless children, 300 which are High School Students. These children live in cars, abandoned buildings, storage units, or couch surf every night. They may be totally on their own, with school acting as the only place they can get food and safety from the elements. They do not have a place to shower, wash their clothes, or attend to basic hygiene needs. Davis Education Foundation has repurposed an existing space on the campus at Clearfield High School that will be open for use January 2021. We are proposing the construction of additional centers at Northridge High and WX High School over the next two years. "We could only shower once a week because the water bill was too expensive. It was difficult acting 'normal'." -- Elia, former Clearfield High School student

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