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Northridge Wrestling Fundraiser

Northridge High School

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$595.00  of  $3,500.00 goal

Friends and Family, We are excited for this coming wrestling season! We have been seeing a lot of growth in our team, which would not be possible without the support from our family, friends, and community. We understand that many would like to help support in other fundraisers and attendance, but time and distance don't allow that to happen. We hope that this will be a great option for more to help support us in doing what we love! Fundraising money goes to many different areas. There are many in our program that need assistance with funds, so we try to use our funds to help in every way possible. Here is where your donation will go: * Entry fees for tournament ($2,500 each year) * Mat cleaner/tape * Uniforms/warm-ups * Buses to camps/tournaments ($1,500 last year) * Paying assistant coaches * New mats (about $7,500 each) Thank you so much for your support!

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