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Northridge Basketball Donations

Northridge High School

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$5,905.00  of  $8,000.00 goal

Northridge Basketball Family - We hope you and your loved ones are OK and safe during these trying times. With COVID-19 we have not been able to fundraise to the level we are accustomed to doing and are afraid we may have to cut back on items we feel necessary for our program and give our players the best experience possible. The donations will be used for uniforms, travel costs, entry fees, player packs and training equipment. Our team needs to raise the funds necessary to off-set the growing costs and we are looking to our families, friends, and community for help. Please take 5 minutes and donate whatever you can; even the smallest donation makes a difference. Please donate so that they may accomplish their financial goals. Thank you in advance for supporting our program. Go Knights!

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